FinTech: Attach-and-Train Programme for FinTech Professionals (Software Quality Assurance)
Reskill your competencies to take on new jobs
Accurate as of 11 Dec 2023
Please refer to ‘Contact Details’ below on how to apply for this Programme.
What is it?

The Fintech Talent Programme (FTP) is an Attach-and-Train Career Conversion Programme (CCP) that aims to build up capabilities in Software Quality Assurance (QA) to meet the talent needs of the Fintech sector.

This full-time programme provides mid-careerists the opportunity to attend industry-curated structured training, followed by attachment with leading fintech organisations to gain on-the-job experience to pivot into a career in technology within the Fintech sector.

The programme is managed by Singapore Fintech Association (SFA), with the support of Workforce Singapore (WSG), Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and participating Fintech organisations. The training partner for the programme is Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP).

Please refer to the programme website for more details.

Who can apply?

The Programme is open to individuals who meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a Singapore Citizen (SC) or Permanent Resident (PR) aged 21 years and above;
  • Must have graduated or completed NS, whichever is later, at least two years at the point of application;
  • Must not have prior work experience in Software Quality Assurance
  • Must not be a shareholder* of the hosting company, or its related companies;
  • Must not be related to the owner(s)^ of the hosting company
  • Must not be immediate ex-staff of the hosting company or its related companies; and
  • Must not be withheld/suspended/disqualified from receiving funding from SSG/WSG before confirmation of acceptance into the programme and at the point of grant disbursement
  • Must not be currently participating in other Career Conversion Programmes (CCPs), enrolled in the Institute of Banking and Finance’s Technology in Finance Immersion Programme (TFIP), IMDA’s Company Led Training Programme (CLT) or IMDA’s TeSA Mid-Career Advance Programme (TMCA)



  • Qualification in Science, Technology, Engineering or Math (STEM) fields minimally at diploma level; or
  • STEM-related working experience, courses, or certifications


* does not apply to publicly traded shares in listed companies

^ for non-publicly listed companies, refers to individuals with shareholding per ACRA profile

How does it work?

Shortlisted applicants will undergo relevant screening, an assessment test and interviews with host companies. Successful candidates will undergo nine months of structured and on-the-job training (with structured training front-loaded during the first three months), to take on the role of a Software Quality Assurance Engineer. During the nine months, trainees will receive a monthly training allowance of $4,000.

Trainees need to self-sponsor the course fees of the structured training, which is subsidised by SkillsFuture Singapore. The estimated cost of the course fees after applicable subsidies is between $2,165.90 to $5,799.60. Course fees are payable before enrolment into the programme.

Please refer to the programme website for more details.

Applications for this programme will close on 26 January 2024.

If you encounter any error accessing or submitting the application form, please re-try using one of these methods: use a different device, different browser, clearing your cache or using incognito mode on the browser.


Technical Skills and Competencies to be acquired

Technical Skills and Competencies

Process Improvement and Optimisation*

Level 3

Quality Assurance*

Level 3

Quality Standards*

Level 4

Software Testing*

Level 2

Test Planning*

Level 2

Business Performance Management

Level 3

Configuration Tracking

Level 2

Quality Engineering

Level 3

Software Design

Level 3

Stakeholder Management

Level 2

*Note: Technical Skills and Competencies (TSCs) with an asterisk (*) refer to Priority Skills (i.e. TSCs to be prioritised for this role).

Find out more about the job role of Quality Assurance Engineer from the Skills Framework for Infocomm Technology here.


Applicant’s Consent

By submitting the application, consent is given for details in the application to be shared with WSG, SFA, NP, their appointed partners as well as all participating host companies to contact them for the purpose of this programme and job matching services.


Important Notes

Trainees under this programme are not employees of the participating organisations, they will not be covered by the Employment Act and CPF Act. Trainees will be entitled to 5 days of paid leave and 10 days of paid medical leave across the 9 months of training after a completion of minimum 3 months of training. Unpaid leave may be applicable for the purpose of maternity/ paternity/ national service duties on a case-by-case basis.