Hotel, MICE, Attractions, Tour & Travel: CCP for Tourism Professionals (New Hires RnF)
Reskill your competencies to take on new jobs
Accurate as of 17 Feb 2023
What is it?

WSG’s Career Conversion Programme for Tourism Professionals supports the training and reskilling of new hires and existing workers in tourism companies (i.e. companies in Hotel, MICE, Attractions, and Tours & Travel industries). 

Companies, in consultation with Programme Partners, can contextualise their own training plans consisting 100% On-the-Job Training (OJT), or a mixture of OJT and external training programmes.  

Who can apply?

All participating companies must fulfil the following criteria:

  • Registered or incorporated in Singapore
  • Committed to work with WSG or its appointed partner on the necessary administrative matters related to the programme
  • Committed to design and implement a robust training plan to support the trainees


All participants onboard the programme must fulfil the following criteria:

  • Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Minimally 21 years old
  • Must be offered a fixed monthly salary[1] of:
    • RnF: ≥$2,000
    • PMET: ≥$2,700
  • Must be a full-timer, on a permanent basis or at least a 12-month employment contract
  • Must not be a shareholder of the company, or its related companies
  • Must not be related to the owner(s) of the company
  • Must not be immediate ex-staff of the company
  • Must not be undergoing any programmes funded by WSG concurrently
  • For new hires onboard programme:
    • Must have graduated or completed NS for at least two years prior as of date of training commencement
    • Must not have prior working experience or been in a similar job role in previous employment
    • Must be newly hired and able to commence training within the first three months of employment
  • For existing employees onboard programmes:
    • Have been hired for at least one year in the company as of date of training commencement
    • Have not been enrolled for the same programme before


[1] Fixed Monthly Salary = Basic Monthly Salary + Fixed Monthly Allowances

How does it work?

Employers are funded up to 6 months of salary support, based on the following:

  • Up to 70%, capped at $4,000
  • Up to 90%, capped at $6,000 for Singapore citizens aged 40 years and above, or Long-term Unemployed (LTU)


Employers can submit claims for salary support to the Programme Partner (PP) after training completion.

Contact details

For more information and to register for the programme, please contact either of the Programme Partners: