Retail: PCP for Digital Professional (Retail)
Reskill your competencies to take on new jobs
Accurate as of 27 May 2021
What is it?

Overview of Programme

Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) for Digital Professional is offered by Singapore Institute of Retail Studies (SIRS) to support retail companies looking to establish an ecommerce presence or a social media presence. Increasingly, retail companies are moving towards omni-channel approach hence there is a vital need to build a pool of talents with capabilities to support this new area of development.

The 6-month programme will comprise of a customised structured on-the-job training with facilitated classroom training, to equip new hires with the necessary competencies and skills to take up roles in areas such as ecommerce operation, content management, customers’ innovation and digital marketing.

New hires will have the opportunity to set up and establish an ecommerce store, develop and execute digital marketing strategies to improve online engagement and increase brand awareness.

Who can apply?

To qualify for the Professional Conversion Programme for Digital Professional, you have to meet the following criteria:


  • Be a Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident;
  • Be at least 21 years old;
  • Graduated or completed National Service at least 2 years prior at the point of application,
  • Be newly hired and nominated by an eligible participating company for the PCP; and
  • Not be in a similar job role prior to joining the PCP.


  • Company has to be registered or incorporated in Singapore;
  • Be committed to work with WSG and its appointed Programme Manager on the necessary administrative matters related to the PCP;
  • Able to offer employment directly related to the job which the PCP is for, with minimum offering salary of $2,500 that is aligned with the market rate; and
  • Able to commit to the PCP training arrangements for the trainees.

How does it work?

Funding Support

The employing company will receive the following funding upon the fulfilment of the corresponding requirements:

Application and Selection Process

Interested jobseekers can apply through Workforce Singapore’s PCP portal and interested companies can apply through Singapore Institute of Retail Studies (SIRS).

Funding Criteria

Funding Component Requirement
  1. Course Fee Grant:
    For non-Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Full Course Fee: $4,960.00                  
  • 70% SSG Funding: $3,472.00
    Nett Fee payable by employers:
    $1,488.00 (excl. GST)
    For Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
  • Full Course Fee: $4,960.00
  • 90% SSG Funding: $4,464.00
    Nett Fee payable by employers:
    $496 (excl. GST)
Trainee passes all the required modules.
  1. Salary Support:
  • Up to 70% of the trainee’s monthly salary, capped at $4,000 per trainee per month, for the duration of the programme.
  • Up to 90% of monthly salary, capped at $6,000 per month will be applicable for
    Singapore Citizen (SC) Long-Term-Unemployed (LTU) PMETs or mature SC PMETs aged 40 and above.
Minimum offering salary of $2,500 onwards (Starting salary commensurate with candidate’s experience)


Contact Details

Ms Lynn Quek

Singapore Institute of Retail Studies (SIRS)

Tel: +65 62227477